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Letter From The Editor

Why are we here? It’s simple. Because in print or online, there’s never been a real home for dads. We’re members of the Great Ignored. Read the so-called parenting magazines and you’d think it was mom who single-handedly produced, raised and fretted over the kids. Our good friends in the men’s magazine field like to pretend fathers don’t exist. But life for guys doesn’t stop when you’re a dad. Fact is, it gets a lot richer and more exciting. Oh, yes--and complicated. So we’re here to remind you of your fantastic accomplishment —and to guide you through the rough spots. Because, let’s face it, nobody exactly prepared us for some of the sacrifice and compromise. No more Sunday afternoons camped out in front of the new giant TV. Off on a spree to Hawaii? Make it Orlando. No more two-hour stints at the gym, forget about those beers after work. Work, in fact, can seem to start when you get home. Sex—it’s not quite what it used to be, is it? Career—is it possible your kids come first?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. We don’t even have all the questions. But we are here to help, to listen, even to entertain. Don’t expect a lot of recycled sentiment. We promise to be responsible—but also provocative. We’ll bring you the best writers writing. And not all in deadly earnest. Don’t miss Mrs. Dad, our cartoon, Dick’s World, or the excellent fiction. We’ve even got a serial novel coming. We’re the one-stop site for dads. If you want expert advice, our columnists and Board of Advisers are tops in their fields. Online shopping? Money tips? Recreation? We cover the waterfront. We even asked teens how we’re doing. If you crave recognition (and who doesn’t?)) check out our Top Pops. While you’re at it send in a nomination. We want to hear from you. Tell us what’s on your mind. We’re just getting started but we’ve got big plans. We invite you to join in the adventure.

Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations!

The editors.

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Required Reading:

Civil War: A Dad's Guide to Custody
By Joseph E Cordell.

Cordell's book hits harder than a three-hundred-pound linebacker. Level-headed and no-nonsense, Civil War is based on the premise that the modern-day court system continues to operate on the assumption that, in the event of divorce, women are-and always should be-the primary custodial parent; and that, furthermore, men are frequently perceived as liars and abusers who can't be trusted with kids. Consequently, says the author, custody battles aren't the time to lose your head, but rather, to screw them on straight. This isn't pleasure reading-it's a playbook.