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For the dog owner who has everything, Gucci has put its posh imprint on a Frisbee. The designer dog toy is made of rubber and comes in fire-engine red with an embossed bone on the topside for easier gripping. Price: $50

Oakley's Romeo X-Metal sun specs are the shades worn by Cyclops in the upcoming feature film, The X-Men. Though the pair pictured here won't contain super hero-style energy blasts (a la the movie version), the gold iridium lenses will protect your peepers from nasty ultra violet rays and the titanium frames will stand up to toughest treatment. Price: $300.

Tr�s Cool Watch

Not only do sports watches look tr�s cool, they offer impressive jock-specific features. Take Nike's Typhoon. This digital timepiece offers typical day, date and stopwatch functions. Plus it's wired to monitor high- and low-tide levels for 175 beaches around the world. And even if you never put a toe in the surf, you'll love the look in bold blue, army green and khaki color options. Price: $135

Keep It

Keeping it together is easy with Motorola's Timeport 935P.
The $300 two-way pager lets you send and receive pager messages as well as e-mail, while also storing your contacts and schedule. The slick silver device is small enough to fit in your breast pocket, and includes infrared technology for beaming phone numbers and other info to similarly equipped gear.


For those spots-like the beach, the camp grounds or the ball field-where you don't want grit and water to muck up your camera
, snap shots with Minolta's Vectis Weathermatic Zoom. This Advance Photo System camera is a no-brainer (with auto-focus, auto advance...basically auto-everything), and it's waterproof to depths of up to 33 feet. Price: about $470.

Pick's For Dad   Pick's For Mom   Pick's For Kids

A retro-chic way for the harried mom to remain on top of her game,
Kate Spade's organizers store phone numbers, schedules and to-do lists on exclusive Filofax-like paper inserts.
Prices start at about $195.

After schlepping kids here, there and everywhere, a long soak in a hot bath is the perfect way to unwind.
Philosophy adds color to the downtime with its Rainbow Connection bubble bath set, a mix of seven aromatic and vibrantly hued liquid soaps with names like "I have," "I love" and "I trust."
She'll want at $45.

She'll get her morning jolt from the funkiest looking espresso machine on the planet-FrancisFrancis X1.
The Italian-designed appliance comes in a range of kitchen-friendly colors, including orange, olive green, powder blue and white. A unique filter system that uses pre-measure packets of coffee promises a perfect espresso with minimal hassles. The unit also has a hot water dispenser when the mood for teas strikes, plus a spot on top for stashing espresso cups. Check it out at
Price: $350 to $500

Greg Herman's Hawaiian Print tote is the stylish way to lug sunscreen and sandwiches to the beach.
It features bamboo handles and just enough cushion to keep breakables safe. Check it out in red, black or green 1950s tropical prints at ($50). And stuff it with a copy of The Mother Trip: Hip Mama's Guide to Staying Sane in the Chaos of Motherhood. This follow up to the cult classic, The Hip Mama Survival Guide, puts the ups and downs of parenting into perspective. You can sneak a peek, too.

Minidisc Player.

Sony's MZ-E90 in flashy red metal is the wold's smallest minidisc player.

She can hop, skip or jump with the portable music machine, but won't miss a beat thanks to a 40-second shock memory.
Price $450.

Pick's For Dad   Pick's For Mom   Pick's For Kids

You may buy K2's Kickboard for your kid, but we guarantee you'll be more than tempted to take the hybrid scooter/skateboard for a spin.

The deck is pot-hole ready, thanks to wood and fiberglass construction, but maneuvering road hazards is made easier by way of a steering rod and brakes.
Price: $300.

Underwater adventuring gets up close and personal with Wild Planet's Bin Aqua Lars.
This swim mask (designed for pools, lakes or the deep) features flip-out binoculars that magnify objects up to four times their size.
Price: $13.

At $300, the sculpted aluminum tricycle from Back to Basics is the Porsche for the toddler set.

But before you balk at the price, the slick trike will last for generations--even with the toughest tikes behind the wheel--and it converts to a two-wheeler for greater mileage.

Little Tikes has put a fresh spin on the backyard sprinkler.
Its SuperSpiral Sprinkler performs the usual water tricks with a bonus-it's a game. Balls in four different colors travel down a spiral tower and shoot in the air in a six-foot column of water. Each player picks a color and tries to catch the respective balls, while also attempting to snag their opponents balls and tossing them back into the spiral. He who amasses all his balls first wins.
Price: $15.

If you're not up for spending $2500 on Sony's Aibo robotic dog,

Tiger Electronics offers the puppy pound equivalent. Its Poo-Chi cyberpet in grey plastic with iMac-colored ears and tail, trots around, wags his tail, flaps his ears-all that cutesy doggie stuff, but without the doggie messes. Another endearing feature: Pet a spot atop Poo-Chi's head and his red, heart-shaped eyes illuminate affectionately.
All for only $30.


Online, check out It’s a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to providing new parents—that’s you dad—with the latest tools and leading edge research. Their just- released video, "Begin with Love," is narrated by Oprah Winfrey and gives fathers equal play—a rarity. You can order it—and other recommended books and videos-- through the Civitas website. Next up: "Fathers Matter." We’ll keep you posted.

A terrific companion to your child’s early years is the newsletter "Growing Child." It follows every step of your son’s or daughter’s life—what to expect, how to cope. It’s both a joy to read and highly useful.
Order it at: 1-800-927-7289, or write: Growing Child, 22 North Second Street, PO Box 620, Lafayette Indiana.

Two bibles to get you through the night: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D. and Fatherhood by Kyle D. Pruett M.D. The first to help you and your infant get some rest; the second to remind you why it’s all worth it.

And congratulations!

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