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Critcs Picks
By Bruce Kluger
The latest CD's and videos for kids.


Why Is The Sky Blue?
By Jonn Salovaara
Definitive answers to your kids' most vexing questions.


Web Sites For Kids
By Jonn Salovaara
Ten terrific for Fun and Stimulation.


The Dad Safety Guide
By Kevin Nelson
Protecting your home and family.


The Great Values Debate
By Paige Egan
How do we instill moral behavior in our kids?


Born To Be Wild
By Armin Brott
What you need to know about your child's temperament.


The ABC's Of Parenting
By Brian Abrahams
An important new study reveals we're often in the dark.


Neatness Counts
By Karen Karbo

Why are his girls' rooms such a mess? A dad gets to the root of the problem.


Lost Innocence-Could Your Kids Kill?
By Paige Egan

Once we pigeon-holed violent kids as marginalized members of the disadvantaged class.

Behavior Past Articles

Can Our Kids Survive TV?
By Brian Abrahams
Why I Hate MTV?
By David Laskin

Peeping Dad:
Secretly monitoring your nanny's caregiving techniques is unconstitutional, politically incorrect and a blatant invasion of privacy. Your choice. If you do want to pry, the XCam2 Wireless Video Camera from X10 Home Solutions ( is the perfect high-tech toy for dads who like to keep an eye on things. No larger than a golf bar, it integrates a color analog video camera, microphone, and 2.4-GHz transmitter into a single device that signals up to 100 feet. Also ideal for supervising the kids' activities or guarding the front door against intruders, it features one other big plus: When not serving as you personal electronic policeman, it's a perfectly adequate homevid camera.

Dad Fad of the Month:
Candy Land is out, crib demolition is in-at least for Peter Baylies, Publisher of the At-Home Dad Quarterly. Earlier this year, writes Baylies, his two-and-a-half-year-old son, John, was scheduled to make the transition into a big-boy bed in order to make way for a new arrival in the family, but kept stalling on the big move, obviously hesitant to give up the comforts of his crib. "But one day I was watching him with my screwdriver, pretending to take everything apart, and an idea came to me that I knew would please both of us." The upshot: Father and son (and screwdrivers) descended upon the crib, reducing it to a neat stack of sticks. That night, John slept in his new bed for the first time.

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Topic: Good Role Models In Sports
Do you think professional athletes are good models for kids? Are there any sports stars who seem particularly good, or bad, dads?
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 You're Going To Hear Who Perform?
By Sharon Goldman Edry

The indispensable Dad Guide to music you swear isn't music. Ignore at your peril.


Kids At The Keyboard: How Young Is Too Young?
By Sharon Goldman Edry

Tips on when to get them started plus dadmag's software guide.


Building A Family Website
By Sandy Lawrence Edry

Your neighbors have a home page. Your kid's second grade class has a chat room.


Charlie's Kitchen
By Charlie Trotter

Cooking for your children can be a daunting process, especially if they are anything like my son, Dylan.


Infant and Newborn Safety
By Kevin Nelson

Infants and Newborns.


Kids and Racism
By Bruce Kluger

Out of the mouths of babes, finds a shocked liberal, come hateful words. What should he do?


Dog Safety
By Mike Woitalla

A spate of recent horrific attacks on children make this must reading.


The Dad Guide To Your Child's Nutrition
By Paige Egan

Hint: be creative and cunning. And, oh, yes - relax.

No Danger In Vaccinations
Do routine childhood vaccinations put your kids at a higher risk for Attention Deficit Disorder? Ignore the alarms, says Paul Offit, M.D., chief of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a renowned virology and immunology expert. "There's no evidence that vaccinations have anything to do with the increasing incidence of ADD or its cousin ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)," says Offit. "No one knows why these conditions are on the rise or what causes them, but experts suspect genetics is at least partly responsible. In any case, there's no reason to believe that vaccines are responsible."


So You Wanna Be A Coach?
By Mike Woitalla

Your invaluable guide to Saturday morning, pop.


Soccer Primer
By Buzz McClain

Your invaluable guide to Saturday morning, pop.


When Games Turn Deadly
By Brian Abrahams

It's hard to comprehend that moment on the suburban Massachusetts ice rink when a group of kids with their skates and padded uniforms watched one father beat another father to death with his bare fists.


Minimize Injury
By John Thomas

Most of us know the upside, the benefits of team sports for our sons and daughters-learning teamwork, getting fit, making friends, feeling good about themselves.


Killer Coach
By Harry Maurer

So it's the bottom of the sixth, last inning of this Little League game, one out, and my son Luke is up with men on first and third.